Comparison Between MF Flooded And Industial Battries
MF Flooded
Tubular Battery
VRLA Battery
1. Application
Usually for starting and lighting of a vehicle.
For UPS and Inverters.
For UPS.
2. Tolerance to Depth of Discharge
Very low as discharge is for few seconds only during starting of automobiles; rest of the operation is on float.
Suited for discharges normally up to 80% but in exceptional cases even.
Suited for high discharges normally up to 50% but in exceptional cases even higher
3. Recovery after deep discharge:
No Problem
Possible, but takes a very long time.
4. Cyclic Operation life:
Unsuitable for cyclic operation
Approximately 1500 cycles for 80% DOD (depth of discharge).
400- 450 cycles at 80% DOD.
5. Standby Use:
Maximum 2-3 years at 27 o C.
6-8 years at 27 o C.

3-5 years at 27 o C.

6. Construction
Thin flat plate.
Tubular plate.
Thicker plate with absorbent glass mat separator.
7. Active Material shedding:
High shedding.
No shedding.
8. Internal Short Circuit:
High possibility
Very low possibility
Low possibility.
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