Industrial Batteries


Exide is a dominant player in the Industrial Battery segment, with a product range covering capacities from 2.5 Ah to 10,000 Ah and more. Using the latest technological inputs, we manufacture industrial batteries for the power, telecom, infrastructure projects, computer industries, as well as the railways, mining and defence sectors as well as the railways, mining and defense sectors.

Our product range includes both Flooded type Lead Acid batteries as well as the Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) VRLA type ,in the Mono block and 2V range to meet most applications needs. VRLA batteries are manufactured in Technical Collabaration with Shin Kobe - Japan Manufacturers of Hitachi Range of Batteries.

Mono Bloc Batteries
Exide manufactures Monobloc Batteries for Uninterrupted Power Systems and Inverters. Monoblock batteries can also be used for golf cart application and other semi-traction application. Monobloc batteries are manufactured both in the pasted and tubular designs.

Plante batteries

Plante batteries are made with unique positive plates using lamellar constructions from ultra-pure virgin lead of 99.99% purity. This ensures least open circuit loss and no fall of capacity through out their long life. The batteries because of this constructions have a life expectancy of 20 years plus.

The Plante batteries come in transparent styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) containers giving excellent clarity, outstanding chemical resistance, rigidity and toughness with very high insulating qualities that eliminate the need for separate cell insulators.

The Plante batteries are used in Power plants, Transmission and Distribution Stations, Telecommunication Systems, UPS Systems and Switchgear Operations.

VRLA Batteries

Exide makes the Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries in collaboration with Shin Kobe Electric Company Limited, Japan, a subsidiary of the Hitachi Group. These batteries are made at Exide's factory at Hosur in Tamil Nadu, India.

Exide manufacture batteries from 4 Ah to 5000 Ah. These batteries are made with Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) separators and can stacked horizontally.

These batteries are used in UPS Systems and Telecommunication applications. The life expectancy of the batteries is as follows:
• Small and Medium: 3-5 years
• Middle range-80 Ah to 400 Ah: 20 years plus
• High capacity range- 500 Ah to 5000 Ah: 20 years plus

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