Road service and breakdown assistance


If your vehicle has broken down or you have a flat battery, call us.

                  6663 6663 - Help Line Number

                              6613 1515
                              6613 6565
                              6613 9595

No matter where you are on the Hyderabad roads, we'll come to you. At home. At work. Or by the roadside. SK Traders Road service specialists are fully qualified and very experienced.
Our roadside services include:

  • Testing your battery
  • Jump-starting your vehicle
  • Organizing a replacement battery if necessary

Free Door Delivery

Free Battery Checkups

Annual Maintenance Cost (AMC)

The annual Maintenance Routine consists of the following:
l. Perform digital low resistance ohm meter readings and inspection on all intercell and intertier connections.
2. Verify proper torque of all bolted connections.
3. Clean and neutralize all cells and racks.
4. Measure and record all individual specific gravity readings.
5. Measure and record all individual cell and string float voltages.
6. Individual cell inspection, seals, sediment levels, positive and negative plates, flame arrestors, electrolyte levels.
7. Adjust electrolyte levels as required.
8. Record temperature of electrolyte of representative pilot cells.
9. Verify integrity of the battery rack.
10. General cleanliness of the battery and battery room.
11. Provide computer analysis and historical archiving of all battery data and furnish an Annual Maintenance Routine Report.
12. All distilled water to be supplied by customer or billed to customer.

Battery Services
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