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Are you using the right Battety for your UPS?

In the last ten years there has been an intense growth of transactions in the service sector,
i.e. in baking, insurance and other service institutions. To facilitate smooth functuioning of these institutions, it become necessary to maintain the latest financial software packages,global networking facilities and a user-friendly ATM service. This, in turn, has led to largescale computerization and consequent need for back up power or Uninterrupted Power Supply(UPS), to avoid the ever-increasing problem of power failure.

The integral part of a UPS is the Battery bank. Below are different Battery models that are used for UPS Systems.

EXIDE POWERSAFE Series - 2 Years Warranty
Features & Benefits
Sealed Maintenance Free : No need for checking electrolyte level and topping throughout its life.Sealed construction ensures no leakage or seepage of electrolyte from terminal or casing.

Eco Friendly : The unique gas recombination technology effectively nullifies generation of gas during normal use. It is totally eco friendly, ensuring clean and safe environment.

Good Service Life : Between 3 to 5 years life for small and medium monobloc depending on cyclic/float applications.

NXT Series - 3 Years Warranty
Features & Benefits
Deep cycle application.

Fast recovery from deep discharge.

Extended cycle life.

Fast recharge capability.

Excellent charge retention.

Free from Orientation constraints.


XHD Series - 5 Years Warranty
Features & Benefits
Tubular VRLA battery.

First Of its kind.

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